Welcome to Skadamus Art. My name is Scott McClintock, and I am a self-taught mixed media artist working primarily with reclaimed and salvaged materials in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

All of my works are one-of-a-kind, and most are created with a wide variety of disused or discarded materials. Examples of objects and materials are: scrap wood, scrap metal, construction debris, parts of broken machines that cannot be fixed, various textiles like old curtains and threadbare denim, useless hardware, left-over house paint, etc. I employ a plethora of tools, fasteners, adhesives, wire and thread to ensure that my works will endure the rigors of time.

My passion for this discipline of art is driven by three goals: to draw attention to what we throw in the rubbish bin, to save as much as possible from going to a landfill and to create works that I hope you will enjoy looking at and thinking about.